LeanUX Video Series

Freeing up time and simplyfing logistics.

Project Brief

Two consultants and authors for Lean UX project methodologies approached me with a project to help launch an online training series. The initial goal was to create a minimum product that could be tested and refined with each new cohort of learners.


A screenshot of a consultant training Lean UX methodologies.

As their demand for training increased, the consultants wanted to find a way to keep their schedules open while teaching the same number of workshops but still retain a hands-on coaching experience. A blended learning strategy fit their goals the best.

They already had basic Zoom webinars recorded for their training but decided it was time to enhance the video content's quality. To keep costs low, we recorded webcam footage using Quicktime and Zoom screencasts to create a baseline wireframe for each video session. From there, I could composite the high-quality webcam footage with the presentation materials to create a high-resolution end product.

I used Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Apple Keynote to balance audio, compose the videos, and add animations and graphics to deliver two hours' worth of training content.


The final result allowed the consultants to free up their time by several hours during the training weeks, giving them more opportunities to focus on coaching and less on lecturing.

Additionally, the production workflow opened up new opportunities for collaborating with other industry experts that would otherwise be unable to produce content with the consultants.