Closing Budget Deficits

Empowering non-profit staff to focus on their jobs.

Project Brief

Non-profit organizations rely on fundraising to mobilize their vision. This religious non-profit employs a varied model of centralized fundraising from a corporate office and individual staff raising their salaries for their roles. However, nearly 10% of the organization's staff were operating on a fundraising deficit, resulting in approximately 1.5 million dollars of budget losses each year.

After the fundraising department performed an assessment, they identified that the issues stemmed from various sources, including a lack of available coaches for staff with deficits.


A login screen.

To address the lack of available coaching resources, I worked closely with the head of fundraising to create a virtual coach for staff with budget deficits.

The simulated coaching resource was comprised of three primary components:

A screenshot of instructions for the simulated calculator.

I developed a custom interaction in Articulate Storyline 360 using variables and JavaScript to create the fundraising calculator. The tool then calculated an activity plan for average metrics to close their budget deficit in a given timeline. I also created a companion worksheet in Excel that allowed for the staff to continue updating their numbers as their deficit shrunk over time.

I had the opportunity to lead all of the design, development, and UX/UI considerations for the project.


A screenshot of a sample plan.

The results of the coaching tool and added support of the fundraising department were phenomenal: