I'm an eLearning developer who creates impactful content

I use skills from my MFA and MBA to distill abstract ideas into actionable projects.

Portrait of marcus miers in black and white

Training and content for growth

I help companies and entrepreneurs create scalable and engaging learning content.

I've worked in training and content development since 2012. I'm driven to find efficiencies and maximize impact. As an experienced designer, eLearning content developer, and learning consultant, I offer a variety of consulting services for both content and delivery through learning platforms and interactive media.

The process is simple, yet rewarding:

  1. We figure out if training is the right solution to your problem.
  2. If training is the right fit, we identify key measures of success.
  3. I map out three approaches to achieve that measurable success.
  4. You choose the approach that fits your circumstances and I deliver the product.

Let's build great things together.