Design better learning strategies

Statistically, your learning program is falling short of expectations.

The good news is, you're not alone.

Diagnose Your Training with These Three Questions

The goal of practical training is measurable behavior changes in learners. You don't have to search far to find evidence that something needs to change in learning strategies. The following three questions help diagnose some of the critical issues that could be limiting your current design:

1: Is your training focusing on the wrong things?

Your training may be struggling if your goals and metrics aren't aligned with business outcomes through impacting behavior.

2: Is your training depending on faulty principles?

If you're using learning styles, MBTI, or other widely disproven approaches to develop content and training for your learners, you may not be gaining meaningful results.

3: Is your training boring?

Most trainers react to boring content by increasing the "quality" of the training by adding video, high-fidelity handouts, or interactivity without solving the root problem: relevancy. Even low quality materials can create the most inspiring learning experiences.

A new approach

The best way forward is to create an integrative learning strategy. An integrative learning strategy borrows the best traits from marketing, UX design, and learning resources to support learners and generate meaningful results.